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 +====== Evolution of the ProcessStandard Gravure (PSR) ======
 +====== Updating the ProcessStandard Gravure - PSR V2 | M1 ======
 +//2020-02-05// Since the publication of the PSR v2 standard in June 2009, the printing industry has been undergoing constant change. Not only the paper coloration adapts to current tastes, but also the measurement and viewing conditions (M0, M1 | standard light) have changed. In 2016, the gravure working group headed by Thomas Hebes (Prinovis GmbH & Co. KG Nuremberg plant) began work on improving the existing standard (ECI_PSR_V2). In 2018, the first profile for the gravure **ink space V2** was published for the LWC-Plus paper class (improved LWC paper). Now all other paper classes have been adapted. 
 +The new designation of the standards is basically: "**PSR_Paper-Type_V2_M1**.icc".
 +Significant improvements and goals are:
 +  * Comply with current standards
 +  * Adaptation to the new measuring conditions (M1)
 +  * Adaptation to the new viewing conditions (standard light)
 +  * Adaptation to current paper tones
 +  * No change in printing
 +  * Enhanced proof to print quality
 +  * Adaptation to ISO 12647-4:2014
 +This also allows a higher degree of consistency between print results and proofs from different gravure printers based on uniform data to be achieved.
 +According to the experience with the creation of the first profile and the feedback from users, new characterization data were determined for the other profiles and created in cooperation with gmg "mx4" profiles and *.icc profile. The new profiles have been verified in several production tests at different printing locations and were unanimously confirmed by the entire working group at the 02nd of December 2019 meeting.
 +The benefit of creating all new profiles with the current version of the profiling software is higher consistency of the results of different hard copy proofing and softpoofing systems. In order to achieve consistent color conversion and proof results of all profiles of the “PSR V2 M1” family, the profile “PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1” was recreated with the unchanged characterization data set. The extension “_v2.icc” at the end of the file name clearly marks the new version in comparison to the old profile published in 2018. 
 +The names of the new profiles have been chosen deliberately because nothing has changed in terms of printing (**PSR**), paper class classification (e.g. **SC-Plus**) or color space (**V2**). Only the new measurement condition (**M1**) is taken into account in the characterizations. 
 +For paper class **MF**, which was still used in the 2004 standard, a simple conversion could not be applied. Here, new characterization data was determined and tested in production. The old color profile was now created in the V2 color space of gravure printing. Therefore PSRgravurMF now becomes "**PSR_MF_V2_M1**". Here not only the paper white point changes, but also the complete color coordinates. As an example, the full tone yellow was adapted to the current gravure inks.
 +The Working Group Gravure would like to thank the following companies for their support:
 +  * GMG GmbH and Co. KG
 +  * Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
 +We would like to thank Mr. Jürgen Seitz (GMG), Dr. Stefan Bollmann (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen) and Mr. Helmut Siegeritz (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen) for their intensive support.
 ====== Update to Process Standard Rotogravure – PSR V2 ====== ====== Update to Process Standard Rotogravure – PSR V2 ======