ECI general downloads

Here you can find downloads of general interest.

Note about opening archives: Several downloads on this page are available as StuffIt or ZIP archives. In order to open StuffIt archives you will need the free StuffIt Expander (available from - though the procedure to access the free StuffIt Expander has become pretty cumbersome now). Opening or de-compressing ZIP archives is directly supported by Mac OS/X 10.3 and Windows XP. With other operating systems or versions of operating systems you may need one of the free un-ZIP tools on the internet. Archives whose names only differ with regard to their suffix - .sit versus .zip - have the same content.

applying_eci_wp_deu.pdf 156 KB 2002-11-18
eci_whitepaper_1_1_eng.pdf 442 KB 2002-11-18
eci_whitepaper_1_1_deu.pdf 313 KB 2002-11-18

Altona Test Suite

Altona Test Suite 2.0 - Technical Page 2

Please find below the files for the Technical Page 2 of the upcoming Altona Test Suite 2.0.

Note: The file «eci_altona-test-suite-v2_technical2_x4.pdf» contains the actual test page. The file «eci_altona-test-suite-v2_technical2_one-patch-per-page_x4.pdf» contains all test patches from the actual test page in a way such that each patch appears on its own page.

Altona Test Suite 1.2

Please find below the files for the Altona Test Suite 1.2. These files reflect the same version of files that have been used for the Altona Test Suite Application kit (see section “Altona Test Suite” for more information).

Note: As of June 1, 2004, Altona_Measure_1v1a.pdf and Altona_Visual_1v2a_x3.pdf replace the files Altona_Measure_1v1.pdf und Altona_Visual_1v2_x3.pdf, as these inadvertantly contained halftone information. For these two files please only use the ones with the letter 'a' after '1v1' resp. '1v2' in the file name.

Altona Test Suite 1.2
altona_measure_1v1a.pdf 419 KB 2004-05-31
altona_visual_1v2a_x3.pdf 11959 KB 2004-05-31
altona_technical_1v2_x3.pdf 4174 KB 2004-05-09
altonatestsuite_documentation_eng.pdf 2575 KB 2004-05-10
altonatestsuite_dokumentation_deu.pdf 2741 KB 2004-05-10

Digital photography

Here you can find useful “digital photography” downloads.

digipix3_v300_en.pdf 7659 kb 2006-09-06
digipix3_v301.pdf 2140 kb 2005-05-13

ECI 2002 target

Please find below the ECI 2002 target (visual and random layout) as well as several auxiliary files and tools. 493 kb 2002-11-26
eci2002mac.sit 468 kb 2002-11-26 418 kb 2002-11-26
datakitmac.sit 478 kb 2002-11-26

ECI bvdm Gray Control Strip 2015

Please find below the ECI/bvdm Gray Control Strips for the printing conditions based on ISO 12647-2:2013. Documentation with an extensive description about make and use of the ECI/bvdm Gray Control Strip is part of the ZIP-archives and available as a separately downloadable PDF file. [2015-09-30 |::| FS]

New: 651 KB 2015-09-30
New: 655 KB 2015-09-30
New: eci_bvdm_graycon_doc_eng_v3.pdf 508 KB 2015-09-30

ECI bvdm Gray Control Strip (older versions)

Below you can find versions of the ECI/bvdm Gray Control Strip for printing conditions which are not yet updated and for older characterization data. Older versions are provided only in order to enable you to process older files. In any other case it is recommended to use only the current versions of the ECI/bvdm Gray Control strip based on the current FOGRA characterization data.

ICC profiles from ECI

Please find below the ICC profiles from ECI. Besides profiles for offset printing and gravure printing - based on reference characterization data according to the ISO 12647 series of standards - the ICC profile recommended by ECI as working color space, eciRGB_v2 is available for download.

Detailed information about each profile can be found inside each download package. Additional information is provided in the section “Colour standards”.

Offset printing

ICC profiles for offset printing conditions based on ISO 12647-2:2013 are provided below. In addition, a ZIP archive with two DeviceLink Profiles are provided, which can be used to convert from ISO Coated v2 to PSO Coated v3 or from PSO Coated v3 to ISO Coated v2.

Gravure printing - PSR_V2 profiles

The download archive PSR V2 Gravure profiles (“”) contains the following ICC profiles:

  • PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_PT.icc (for LWC_Plus paper, published in June 2009)
  • PSR_LWC_STD_V2_PT.icc (for LWC_STD paper, published in June 2009)
  • PSR_SC_STD_V2_PT.icc (for SC_STD paper, published in June 2009)
  • PSR_SC_PLUS_V2_PT.icc (for SC_Plus paper, published in December 2009)
  • PSRgravureMF.icc (for MF paper, already published in 2004)

accompanied by the necessary documentation – in English, German and French – as well as the characterisation data sets.

Working color space eciRGB

eciRGB_V2 is the working colour space profile recommended by ECI. Extensive information can be found in the section Colour standards::Working colour spaces.

eciRGB 1.0 represents the original working colour space profile of the ECI.


Offset profiles
New: PSO Coated v3
1784 KB 2015-09-30
New: PSO Uncoated v3 (FOGRA52)
1722 KB 2015-09-30
New: ISO Coated v2 to PSO Coated v3 (DeviceLink)
844 KB 2015-09-30
New: PSO Coated v3 to ISO Coated v2 (DeviceLink)
840 KB 2015-09-30
Gravure profiles PSR V2 3800 KB 2009-06-24/
(uploaded 2010-03-26)
(updated 2011-07-29,
now with Spanish documentation)
RGB working space profile 4 KB 2007-04-16

Note: ECI profiles are not sponsored, approved or supported by the International Organization for Standardization ISO or may not be the only profiles complying with ISO International Standards.

ICC profiles from ECI (old versions)

Below you can find ICC profiles for printing conditions which are not yet updated to the current ISO 12647-2:2013 and older versions of some ICC profiles from ECI. These profiles are provided only in order to enable you to process older files. In any other case it is urgently recommended to use only the current versions of the ICC profiles from ICC.

The download archive ECI Offset 2009 contains the following ICC profiles:

  • ISO Coated v2 (ECI)
  • ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI)
  • PSO LWC Improved (ECI)
  • PSO LWC Standard (ECI)
  • PSO Uncoated ISO12647 (ECI)
  • ISO Uncoated Yellowish
  • SC Paper (ECI)
  • PSO MFC Paper (ECI)
  • PSO SNP Paper (ECI)
  • PSO Coated NPscreen ISO12647 (ECI)
  • PSO Coated 300% NPscreen ISO12647 (ECI)
  • PSO Uncoated NPscreen ISO12647 (ECI)

The download archive ISO_Offset_cont_2004 contains ICC profiles for continuous forms printing.

The download archive ECI Offset Profiles – Supplement 2012-1 – Improved News Print contains the ICC profile for heat-set web offset printing on Improved News Print paper.

The download archive ECI Offset Profiles – Supplement 2012-2 – Surface Finishing contains ICC profiles for surface finished offset prints.

Old versions of offset profiles 15709 KB 2009-05-29
ECI Offset Profiles – Supplement 2012-1 – Improved News Print 1602 KB 2012-02-15
ECI Offset Profiles – Supplement 2012-2 – Surface Finishing 4234 KB 2012-02-15 15709 KB 2008-07-14
eci_offset_2008.sit 16030 KB 2008-07-14 8783 KB 2007-02-28
eci_offset_2007.sit 8980 KB 2007-02-28 4788 KB 2004-06-01
eci_offset_2004.sit 4891 KB 2004-05-01 2421 KB 2004-06-01
eci_offset_cont_2004.sit 2472 KB 2004-05-01 4976 KB 2004-06-01 19530 KB 2004-06-01
eci_offset_2002-2003_basic.sit 5089 KB 2004-05-01
eci_offset_2002-2003_expert.sit 19973 KB 2004-05-01
Old versions of PSR v1 gravure profiles 1137 KB 2004-06-01
psrgravuremf.sit 1150 KB 2004-05-01 1325 KB 2005-09-11
psrgravurehwc.sit 1375 KB 2005-09-11 1408 KB 2004-06-01
psrgravurelwc.sit 1425 KB 2004-05-01 1400 KB 2004-06-01
psrgravuresc.sit 1418 KB 2004-05-01
Old version of the RGB working space profile
ecirgbv10.sit 6 KB 2004-05-01 4 KB 2004-06-01

ICC Profiles from WAN-IFRA

For the WAN-IFRA newspaper profiles please visit the WAN-IFRA website or go directly to Newspaper Colour Profile Download (2012-07-07).


Here you can find useful “monitor” downloads.

eci_monitortest_mac.sit 597 kb 2005-01-11 962 kb 2004-12-13


Here you can find various downloads with regard to PDF/X:

- The most recent version of Martin Bailey's PDF/X FAQ (last updated in November 2005).

- Cook book recipes for making PDF/X files using Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress (last updated in 2003!). Note: These cook book recipes are only available in German language.

- An excerpt from the “PostScript- und PDF-Bibel” by ThomasMerz and Olaf Drümmer (published in 2002), covering PDF/X. The whole book is now available as a free downloadable PDF from PDFlib GmbH . Note: This excerpt as well as the whole book are only available in German language.

pdfx_faq_deutsch_nov05.pdf 318 kb 2005-11-15
pdfx_faq_english_nov05.pdf 290 kb 2005-11-02
pdfx3_kochrezept_2.pdf 752 kb 2003-09-02 3 kb 2003-09-02
pdfx3_kochrezept_1.pdf 416 kb 2003-09-02
pdfx.bibel.pdf 278 kb 2003-09-02
pdfx.postscript_pdf_bibel_deu.pdf 278 kb 2002-11-18


Presentations – Launch Event "PSR v2" - Cologne - June 25, 2009


Results and documents from the various ECI projects and working groups are provided here for download.

ECI meeting minutes

eci_meeting_20100319 - 2010-11-07
eci_meeting_20090626 - 2010-11-07
eci_meeting_20080620 - 2010-11-07
eci_meeting_20070615 - 2010-11-07
eci_meeting_20060505_eng.pdf 3060 kb 2006-08-03
eci_meeting_20051014_eng.pdf 3240 kb 2005-12-19
eci_meeting_20050304_eng.pdf 254 kb 2005-11-11
eci_meeting_20051014_deu.pdf 2892 kb 2005-11-10
eci_meeting_20040326_eng.pdf 95 kb 2004-08-18
eci_meeting_20030926_deu.pdf 560 kb 2003-11-10
eci_meeting_20010914_deu.pdf 194 kb 2002-11-18
eci_meeting_20010302_deu.pdf 394 kb 2002-11-18
eci_meeting_20001124_deu.pdf 184 kb 2002-11-18
eci_meeting_20000908_deu.pdf 38 kb 2002-11-18
eci_meeting_20000121_deu.pdf 108 kb 2002-11-18
eci_meeting_20000414_deu.pdf 37 kb 2002-11-18
eci_meeting_20010302_eng.pdf 393 kb 2002-11-18
eci_meeting_20001124_eng.pdf 246 kb 2002-11-18
eci_meeting_20000121_eng.pdf 33 kb 2002-11-18
eci_meeting_20000908_eng.pdf 47 kb 2002-11-18