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 ===== Recent news: ===== ===== Recent news: =====
 +==== »PSR_V2« update of gravure profiles ====
 +//Berlin, February 05, 2020:// Following feedback from the market, the profile PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1.icc published in December 2019 was renamed to PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1**_v2**.icc for unique identification. The identifier “_v2.icc” marks the difference between the new profile and the profile published in 2018: the new profile was created with the new software version of the Heidelberg ColorToolbox, so that all profiles of the PSR V2 M1 family are uniform.// [2020-02-05 |::| TH/FSu]//
 ==== »PSR_V2« gravure profiles for all papers available ==== ==== »PSR_V2« gravure profiles for all papers available ====