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 ===== Recent news: ===== ===== Recent news: =====
 +==== »PSR_V2« Update of the gravure profiles ====
 +//Berlin, February 05, 2020:// Following feedback from the market, the profile PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1.icc published in December 2019 was renamed to PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1**_v2**.icc for unique identification. The identifier “_v2.icc” marks the difference between the new profile and the profile published in 2018: the new profile was created with the new software version of the Heidelberg ColorToolbox, so that all profiles of the PSR V2 M1 family are uniform.// [2020-02-05 |::| TH/FSu]//
 +==== »PSR_V2« gravure profiles for all papers available ====
 +//Berlin, December 22, 2019:// After 10 years it is time for an update. From now on all gravure profiles PSR V2 for the measurement condition M1 are available for download. Information about the new profiles can be found under [[http://www.eci.org/en/colourstandards/gravure|more information about »PSR LWC plus v2 M1«]]. You can download the complete update profile package with the necessary documentation, application recommendations and characterization data from the [[http://www.eci.org/en/downloads?&#eci_offset_profiles_current_versions|download area]] as a ZIP archive.
 +Some proofing system manufacturers offer color adaptations that contain optimizations that are not provided in ICC technology, e.g. simulation of printing behavior (noise), multiple iterations, etc. These special adaptations and corresponding support are also available for updates directly from the respective proofing system manufacturer.
 ==== Update of the »PSR_V2« gravure profile for »LWC-Plus« paper available ==== ==== Update of the »PSR_V2« gravure profile for »LWC-Plus« paper available ====