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-as of now the 2018 edition of “MediaStandard Print” / “MedienStandard Druck” substitutes the 2016 edition. Please feel free to download the German and English version from this website 
-where you will find a short description. You are invited to share the download resource, but *only this original permalink URL*. 
-What’s new in 2018 edition? 
-The bvdm is responding to changes in the current standardization process. Specifically, the following additions in text, tables and glossary have been made: 
-• New ECI working colour space, i.e. the M1 char’data-based eciCMYK CMYK exchange colour space; 
-• Generation and exchange of CxF/X-4 spot colour data in accordance with ISO 17972 and their use for Spot colour tone value curves in accordance with ISO 20654 (SCTV); 
-• New separate “6-B” standard printing condition with the M1 char’data-based PSO SC-B paper v3 (FOGRA54) ECI profile; 
-• New M1 char’data-based ECI-PSR profiles for publication gravure [the upload to ECI website is still expected!]; 
-• Another typical digital printing application: PDF/X for variable digital print content in accordance with ISO 16612-2 PDF/VT and ISO 16613-1 PDF/VCR-1; 
-• A supplemented ISO 15930 conformity survey from PDF/X-1a to PDF/X-6/-6p/-6n [publication expected in 2018?]; 
-• New Fogra MultiColor MediaWedge 3.0 5c/5c/7c/8c; 
-• More precise M0 and M1 measurement modes in accordance with the 2017 revision of ISO 13655:2009. 
 ==== Update of the »PSR_V2« gravure profile for »LWC-Plus« paper available ==== ==== Update of the »PSR_V2« gravure profile for »LWC-Plus« paper available ====