New "ECI 2002" target and conversion tools

The new “ECI 2002” target has been developed by a ECI working group led by Dr. Günter Bestmann (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG) in cooperation with GretagMacbeth/LOGO. The “ECI 2002” chart is a superset of the current ISO 12642 target (»IT8/7.3«). All 928 patches of the current ISO 12642 chart (»IT8/7.3«) are contained in the 1485 patches of the new “ECI 2002” chart.

The “ECI 2002” target has meanwhile been submitted to ISO for the pending update to the ISO 12642 standard.

The “ECI 2002” package (which can be downloaded from the section “Downloads”) contains the new target in two variations: one with a structured layout of the patches (“visual layout”) and the second one with randomized positions of all the patches (“random layout”). The necessary files with the reference CMYK values - as well as sample measurement files - for both variations are contained as well. When using the “ECI 2002” target for characterizing a press, it is recommended to use the “random layout” version.

Those wishing to measure the “ECI 2002” target with a GretagMacbeth Spectrolino/Spectroscan in automatic mode will find a control file for SpectroChartLite in the package. The SpectroChartLite software is available as a free downlaod for Mac OS and Windows from the GretagMacbeth website (

Courtesy of Heidelberg Prepress you will also find in the “Download” section of this website a simple freeware tool for Mac OS and Windows, which allows it to extract the patches accoridng to the current ISO 12642 standard (»IT8/7.3«) from the measurements of a “ECI 2002” chart. Thus using this freeware tool it is possible to immediately use the new “ECI 2002” target, even if it is necessary to process the (»IT8/7.3«) subset of measurements.

Most vendors of measurement devices and profiling tools have meanwhile updated their products to handle the “ECI 2002” target. Please contact your vendor for an update where necessary.