Members of the European Color Initiative

Karsten Ackmann, SPIEGEL-Verlag

Karsten Ackmann
SPIEGEL-Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co. KG
Ericusspitze 1, 20457 Hamburg

Michael Adloff, Conzepke GmbH – Theissen Medien Gruppe

Michael Adloff – Theissen Medien Gruppe

Michael Adloff
Theissen Medien Gruppe GmbH
Am Kieswerk 3
D-40789 Monheim am Rhein
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Lothar Albaum, Axel Springer Verlag AG, Hamburg

IT-Management, Media Application Services, Technical Systems for printing plants

Axel Springer Verlag AG
Axel-Springer-Platz 1
20350 Hamburg
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Thomas Behmüller, DAS STUDIO

Thomas Behmüller, Managing Director Egon Thomsen, Color Management Support

DAS STUDIO Torsten Hegner GmbH
Martin-Behaim-Strasse 26
D-63263 Neu-Isenburg
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Dr. Günter Bestmann, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Senior Manager Research & Development

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
D-24107 Kiel
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Robert Bierfreund, Broschek Offset Rotativa

Director Production

broschek tiefdruck gmbH
schlott gruppe
Bargkoppelweg 61
22145 Hamburg
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Oliver Böhm, Mohn Media, Gütersloh

Oliver Böhm, MOHN Media - Mohndruck GmbH, Gütersloh, Department MAT, Prepress technology team.

MOHN Media · Mohndruck GmbH
Carl-Bertelsmann-Straße 161
33311 Gütersloh
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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Brües, University of Wuppertal, Germany

Area of research: Electronic publishing and advanced communication systems; ICC co-founder.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Brües
University of Wuppertal
Fachbereich 5 - Advanced Communication Systems Laboratory
Rainer-Gruenter-Strasse 21
42119 Wuppertal, Germany
Email Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Brües

Sascha Bugai, Jung von Matt/basis GmbH, Hamburg

Technical Director, responsible for technology, workflow and color management

Jung von Matt/basis GmbH
Glashüttenstr. 38
D-20357 Hamburg
Sascha Bugai

Roland Bühler, Springer & Jacoby Digital GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Deputy Managing Director, responsable for technology (process standardization, colormanagement) and production management of catalogues.

Springer & Jacoby Digital GmbH & Co. KG is in charge of the print production management and the prepress of the print advertising of Springer & Jacoby.

Springer & Jacoby Digital
GmbH & Co. KG
Gänsemarkt 24
D-20354 Hamburg
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Holger Darjus, EINSATZ Creative Production

Technical director & team manager pre-press workflow, database and software development.

Einsatz Creative Production GmbH & Co KG
Pinnasberg 47/I
D-20359 Hamburg
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Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Roland Thees, WAN-IFRA GmbH & Co. KG

WAN-IFRA, based in Paris, France, and Darmstadt, Germany, with subsidiaries in Singapore, India, Spain, France and Sweden, is the global organisation of the world¹s newspapers and news publishers. It represents more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites and over 3,000 companies in more than 120 countries.  The organisation was created by the merger of the World Association of Newspapers and IFRA, the research and service organisation for the news publishing industry.

Learn more about WAN-IFRA at or through the WAN-IFRA Magazine at

Washingtonplatz 1
64287 Darmstadt
Phone: +49.6151.733-6
Fax: +49.6151.733872
E-Mail: Roland Thees

Dieter Dolezal, Hirte Medien-Service

Hirte Medien-Service GmbH & Co. KG
Dieter Dolezal
Borsteler Chaussee 85-99a
Haus 17, Gewerbegebiet
22453 Hamburg
Email Dieter Dolezal

Olaf Drümmer, callas software gmbh

Olaf Drümmer ist Managing Director at callas software gmbh. He is well known internationally as an expert for the use of PDF in prepress. Especially during his recent work on optimizing digital processes in print publishing, identifying strategies in implementing real world color management and implementing according tools and solutions has become a major focus for him.

callas software has beend founded in January 1995 and employs a staff of over 20. callas software develops tools and solutions for PDF/Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress.

Olaf Drümmer
callas software gmbh
Schönhauser Allee 6/7
D-10119 Berlin
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Wolfgang Dufner, Hubert Burda Media

Manager Ad Production Service 4C plus

Burda Advertising Center GmbH
Postfach 17 40
D-77607 Offenburg
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Joachim Euler, Public P3

Public P3 - Pre Print Professionals GmbH
Hanauer Landstrasse 136
60314 Frankfurt am Main
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Erwin Widmer, Ugra, St. Gallen, Schweiz

Swiss Center of Competence for Media and Printing Technology

Ugra is developing and selling tools for process control.

In Ugra`s laboratories, which are audited according to ISO 17025, Examinations, Certifications, Project Contracts and Expert's Assessments on printing materials and processes are conducted.

Ugra organizes Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.

Lerchenfeldstrasse 5
CH-9014 St. Gallen
Email Erwin Widmer

Dr. Johannes Hoffstadt, GMG

Responsible for research and development. Working in the graphic arts trade since 1998, fields of interest are prepress workflow, press standardisation, training, software development.

GMG GmbH & Co. KG
Kirchstrasse 5
D-89081 Ulm
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Monika Kenzler, Gruner + Jahr

Director Prepress

Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG
Druck- und Verlagshaus
Am Baumwall 11
20459 Hamburg
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Elie Khoury, Alwan Color Expertise

Elie KHOURY is the founder and managing director of ALWAN COLOR EXPERTISE, a leading european engineering, implementation and training company excusively dedicated to color management. He is consultant to several OEMs for Europe and his company has integrated ICC based color management in more than thirty European and international newspapers, magazines, catalogues and packaging companies. The unique benefit of ALWAN COLOR EXPERTISE resides in its commitment to put its scientific background at the service of a more accessible, affordable and efficient practice of color management for the greater benefit of its clients and their products.

Elie Khoury
31 chemin du plan du loup
F-69110 Sainte Foy lès Lyon
T : 33 4 72 16 08 82
F : 33 4 72 16 95 87
Email Elie Khoury

Peter Kleinheider, inpetto

After installing and teaching major PrePress Tools for the austrian market like Helios File and Print Servers, PDF Workflows based on technology from callas, enfocus and ac&c hsh, and programming custom workflow's for native file-formats based on technology from MarkzWare® and managing a prepress and digital print department for a very innovative austrian printer (gugler cross media*), Peter Kleinheider is now working as manager prepress and print tool at callas software. He is also working actively in ISO TC 130 WG 2 and 3 (printing standardization, PDF/X) and is Co-Chair of the Color Management Subcommittee of the Ghent PDF Workgroup.

Inpetto - Peter Kleinheider
PrePress Consultant & Workflow Programming
St. Pöltnerstr. 26
3130 Herzogenburg
Email Peter Kleinheider

Karl Koch, Color Solutions Consulting

Karl Koch has experience in all fields of the Graphic Arts since 1989. He has assisted in the design of Color Management systems from the early beginnings in 1993. Since 1997 he has concentrated exclusively on color management.

Color Solutions Consulting
Falkenstraße 13
D-82377 Penzberg
Email Karl Koch

Thomas Kunz, X-Rite

Colormanagement user from the beginning one of the initiators of the ECI. From October 1999 onward responsible at Gretag-Macbeth as Program Manager Color Management for color management software and hardware products for the creative and prepress markets. Currently Market Manager Photo, Design, PrePress at X-Rite.

Thomas Kunz
X-Rite Incorporated
Market Manager Photo, Design, PrePress
Althardstrasse 70
CH-8105 Regensdorf Switzerland
eMail: Thomas Kunz
Web Site:

Tobias Rausch, X-Rite

Tobias joined X-Rite in 2008. His responsibilities include product management for many of X-Rite’s color management software and hardware solutions. Tobias comes to X-Rite from the Hochschule der Medien, where he was a research engineer focused on future development of printing-related ISO standards within the AIPS (Advanced International Printing Standards) project. For several years, Tobias owned his own training and consulting business and was an academic advisor for students at Stuttgart Media University. Tobias is a graduate from Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, Germany, and is pursuing his PhD from the London College of Communication (LCC) at the London University of the Arts.

X-Rite Incorporated
Product Manager PrePress Solutions and InkFormulation
Althardstrasse 70
CH-8105 Regensdorf Switzerland
Web Site:

Dieter Kleeberg, Bundesverband Druck und Medien (bvdm)

Technology and Research Department

Bundesverband Druck und Medien is the head organisation of the employer and trade federations of the German printing and media industries. The members of bvdm are 12 regional associations (Landesverbände). These offer services directly to some 6,000 individual members including printing companies (offset, gravure, letterpress, screen, flexography, and more), prepress and premedia companies, and print finishing/bookbinding companies.

The bvdm is charged with protecting, maintaining, supporting and representing the common interests of the German printing and media industries at home and abroad. Activities are directed towards all relevant employers and cover professional, economic and technical topics.

Bundesverband Druck und Medien e.V. (bvdm) / German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm)
Friedrichstraße 194-199, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Telefon: +49 30 20 91 39 0
Telefax: +49 30 20 91 39 113
Email Dieter Kleeberg

Klaus-Hermann Otto/Vladimir Gajic, ALBERT BAUER COMPANIES

Klaus-Hermann Otto, Technical Manager for Color Management / Digital Support
Vladimir Gajic, Color Management / Digitalproof

NEW: abc digital becomes ALBERT BAUER COMPANIES – and all your ideas become reality.

Albert Bauer Companies GmbH & Co. KG
D-22089 Hamburg
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Renate Rewer / Jörg Rewer, Laudert GmbH + Co. KG, Vreden / Hamburg / Stuttgart / Bangkok / Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt

Renate Rewer: Responsible for colormanagement and workflow

Jörg Rewer: Responsible for Technology Management

Laudert is an efficient and experienced media services company with over 430 employees. Our customers in Germany as well as other European countries are agencies, mailorder companies, publishing houses and printers.

Laudert Innovative Medientechnik
Von-Braun-Straße 8
48691 Vreden
Email Renate Rewer
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Wolfgang Rieckmann, Bauer Verlagsgruppe, Bauer Produktions KG

Since January 2000 at Bauer Produktions KG / Publishing Support Center responsible for quality and color management.

The PSC is a central service provider supporting the whole publishing company worldwide. As one part of the Heinrich Bauer Produktions KG the center assumes for most technical concerns relevant and essential for publishing our magazines. The Bauer Verlagsgruppe is publisher of over 120 magazines in 13 countries, working with a staff of near 4.500 people in Germany and about 2.000 in other languages.

Bauer Produktions KG
Burchardstr. 11
Brieffach 6200
20077 Hamburg
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Jan-Willem Rossee, LaserSoft Imaging

Product Manager SilverFast

LaserSoft Imaging AG
Luisenweg 6-8
24105 Kiel
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Bernhard Schmidt, Prinovis Nürnberg

Prepress Manager, Prinovis Nürnberg

Bernhard Schmidt
Prinovis Nürnberg GmbH
Breslauer Straße 300
90471 Nürnberg

Henrik Schmidt, MSP MediaServiceProviding GmbH, Hamburg

After 16 years of presiding Springer & Jacoby Digital as CEO he is now the owner and CEO of MSP MediaServiceProviding GmbH. MSP deals with the central distribution of censhare (publication system), a product of the company Coware. Moreover, MSP's portfolio contains Agency and Corporate consulting, the distribution of further various software products as well as the provision of services for advertising agencies in the areas: IT, print production, workflow- and process-monitoring.

Henrik Schmidt
Schwartenkamp 3
22763 Hamburg
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Maren Schmidt, abc packmedia

Maren Schmidt, Customer consulting

abc packmedia GmbH&Co. KG
D-22089 Hamburg
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Jörg Schober, redblue Marketing

With more than 400 employees, redblue is one of the leading addresses for trade marketing throughout Europe. We not only cover classical agency services such as strategic and conceptual consulting for marketing and communication. Furthermore, we are one of Germany's largest advertising productions and one of the media agencies with the highest number of bookings. We act as international information platform for brand management and serve as center for advanced training and further education.

Jörg Schober
r e d b l u e Marketing GmbH
Quality Assurance Manager
Helene-Wessel-Bogen 3
D-80939 Muenchen
Email Jörg Schober

Rainer Schoeppy, Freeconsultant

'Freeconsultants' , management consultants supported by Rainer Schoeppy

My work is concentrated on the analysis and optimizing of workflows in graphic arts/print business as well as quality management of processes and their communication. My activities include personnel coaching, cost saving management, automation and consulting.

Rainer Schoeppy
63584 Gründau
Albert-Schweitzer-Str. 06
Email Rainer Schoeppy


Andre Schützenhofer is responsible for the conceptual combination of media-production and consulting services with main focus on consulting and communication.

Service and aim of the company is promoting and realising the active dialog between the partners involved in media-production and workflow.

Nettelbeckstraße 35
42653 Solingen
Email Andre Schützenhofer

Gabi Stender, Pepperzak Brand

Manager responsible for connecting new media products with classical advertising, consulting, transacting print production with a focus on workflow, conducting workshops and seminars.

Pepperzak Brand GmbH is a 100% owned subsidiary of Pepperzak AG. Further subsidiaries are Pepperzak Systems GmbH (IT consulting and software development), Pepperzak Multimedia GmbH (conception and development of new media products online and offline), and Pepperzak Content GmbH (online editorial, content development and syndication).

Gabi Stender
Pepperzak Brand GmbH
Holstenkamp 46A
D-22525 Hamburg
Email Gabi Stender

Florian Süßl, zipcon consulting berlin

zipcon consulting berlin GmbH Florian Süßl Scheringstrasse 1 D-13355 Berlin E-Mail: Email Florian Süßl

Dietmar Wueller, Image Engineering

Dietmar Wueller studied photographic sciences from 1987 to 1992 at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne (Germany). Studies were followed by scientific work in the area of Light- and Colour-measurement at the Institute for Light and Building Technique in Cologne and work in a prepress Company. In 1995 he opened a training an testing centre for digital image processing. Since 1997 Dietmar Wueller has been testing digital cameras and scanners for german magazines and manufacturers. He became the german representative for ISO TC42 WG18 in summer 2000.

Image Engineering Dietmar Wueller
Augustinusstr 9d
50226 Frechen
Email Dietmar Wueller

Darrian Young, Color & Image Consulting

Darrian Young is the founder of Color & Image Consulting, and has been working in the field of color management for several years. He is especially involved in the integration of digital photography with prepress and the printing industry.

C & I Consulting provides consulting and training services for the optimization, standardization, and implementation of color-managed workflows, as well as automated image enhancement.

GMG Iberia
Color & Image Consulting, S.L.
C/ Ducat D'Atenes, nº 10 Entlo.
12540 Villarreal (Castellón)
Email Darrian Young