Working groups

Working Group Coating

The working group is chaired by Dr. Johannes Hoffstadt (Email Johannes Hoffstadt).

The goal of this working group:

  • Gather data:
    • put together existing know-how and available work
    • try a systematic approach and classification
    • fill gaps in current knowledge
    • improve the statistical basis
    • conduct experiments (printing and coating press sheets and compare before/after)
  • Publish information and prepare standardisation:
    • announce on the ECI web site guidelines for preview and proofing compensation:
    • special separation for prints-to-be-coated
    • standard ICC profiles

Gravure Working Group

The Gravure Working Group was founded in autumn 2000 and is being chaired by Bernhard Schmidt (Email Bernhard Schmidt).

The aim of the working group is “to develop, define and maintain proof standards for the publication gravure process”. The results will be made available for use in the equivalent ISO Standards, or are already based on existing standards.

The description of the colour gamuts and development of the colour management standards are based on ICC colour management technology and on proof systems that are widely used in the gravure industry.

A Swedish furniture house described this in the following way: “A European initiative to develop colour management standards that make the printing world a smaller place … ” – (The 2003 IKEA Printing Award)

Web Offset Working Group

The Web Offset Working Group has been founded in late 2003 and is working on extending currently available specifications for web offset printing conditions. The Working Group is being chaired by Olaf Drümmer (Email Olaf Drümmer).

Digital photography

Most of the pictures taken by professional photographers are printed on an offset press. This was the reason for a large number of photographers to subscribe to the ECI mailing list. Photographers have a number of problems related to colormanagement and workflow which made the ECI form a digital photography working group. This working group already did some work on “Requirements of the ECI for digital cameras and their integration in a colormanagement workflow” and “Requirements for monitors used to process digital images”. These papers will be put online soon.

The goal of this working group is to pick up the problems photographers have in digital photography and work out possible solutions. Since this work can not be done by a hundred people sitting at a table the number of active participants doing the work is limited.

To ensure that everybody can add comments and wishes a new mailing list is added to the existing ECI mailing lists. You can subscribe to this list on the mailing lists page. The list is organized and moderated by Dieter Dolezal and Dietmar Wueller.

Workflow Working Group

The Workflow Working Group defines a modular basic workflow-environment with compatibility within their interfaces. The module- and interface-definitions operate as input- and output controls, similar to or the same as preflighting, and can be used for validation. Following the actual standards and based on state-of-the-art functionality within working environments, the scheme will be organized for being appropriate for all workflow participants.

The results will be available online. For incitements, feedback and discussions, feel free to subscribe to the working group mailing-list.

André Schützenhofer is chairing the working group (Email André Schützenhofer).