DigiPix 3 - Compendium for digital photography

The compendium for digital photography is available on the Web-Site of the ECI since September 2006. This work is a cooperation of ECI and the German adf. The translation of the German version, which was released in January 2006, was sponsored by Image Engineering Dietmar Wüller, Tecco Braun & Frings GmbH and LaserSoft Imaging AG. DigiPix 3 holds some very valuable information for all photographer to provide help in their daly work. An electronic version is available as PDF in the download area.

eciRGB to become an International Standard

A working draft that incorporates eciRGB as part of ISO 22028 is currently being prepared by Dietmar Wueller. As of now eciRGB is supposed to become part 5 of ISO 22028, with part one being the general part, RIMM and ROMM RGB being covered in part 2 and 3, and Adobe RGB included as part 4. Since Adobe wishes to keep control of Adobe RGB part 4 may have to be published as a technical specification instead of an international standard.

Working group "Digital photography"

The new working group “Digital photography” held its first meeting May 16, 2003, in Frankfurt/Main. Chaired by Dieter Dolezal (Hirte Medien-Service) and Dietmar Wueller (Image Engineering), the working group decided to first work on a white paper specifying the requirements for file formats and color characterizations for digital cameras. Furthrermore it is planned to develop best practice guidelines for creating, processing and delivering digital images.