Apple's homepage for ColorSync:

ColorSync-Users List from Apple. A frequently-visited mailing list concerning all aspects of colour management.


German website concerning PDF pre-press production, with a periodic newsletter by Stephan Jaeggi, one of the initiators des 'White Paper PDF for Prepress'

PDF/X website by Olaf Drümmer (including instructions for subscribing to PDF/X mailing lists in German and English language):

PDF/X website by DDAP (

International portal for Information about PDF (in english; Mailing lists and subscriptions)

A German website by Thomas Müller about PDF

The authoritative PDF for pre-press:

German sources of PDF-Tools:

Impressed (Hamburg) Actino (Hamburg)

Source for PDF-tools in Switzerland: A&F Computer Systeme AG (Sursee)

Recommended by ECI members...

Insights from an opponent to ICC-based color management: (with an interesting mailing list “Applied Color Management”)

Comparison of profiling applications Under the title »WMU Profiling Review 2.0.pdf« (Review 2.0 July 1, 2002) - see - the authors Abhay Sharma and Paul D. Fleming from the Department of Paper and Printing Science and Engineering at Western Michigan University have published a comparison of commonly used applications for generating ICC profiles. For more information see Website of the North West Pacific Color Management User Group (


SWOP Specifications for Web Offset Publications: see