Mailing lists - [ECI] and [ECI-EN]

For everybody interested in the work of the ECI as well as ICC based colour management in general, it is possible to subscribe to online mailing lists and participate in the corresponding discussions. Ideas, experiences, and questions about the ECI and colour-management issues can be freely exchanged here.

The principle is simple: as a subscriber, you can send messages or questions to all other subscribers. The answers will then also be sent to all members of the mailing list (including yourself).

There are two mailing lists - one in German, another one in English.

In either case, follow the directions: You will be asked to give an e-mail address and a password. You will then be provided with the email address to which you can send any contributions to the mailing list.

Shortly (usually within seconds, depending on your mail system) after submitting your subscription, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which you simply return unchanged to the sender to complete your registration (thus we make sure nobody gets subscribed by somebody else against his or her will).

Problems with the mailing list should be brought to the attention of